Award Entries

Requirement and guidance for award submission.


Before submitted yourself or someone else for an award, please secure event ticket. To submit an entry is free and our committee pick a winner. 

Determine Who

Decide which individuals, groups, or organization that you will nominate/enter, then select the most appropriate categories for those entries. 


Well-written. Focused on a few accomplishments. Provide links or other documents that support the claims made in your entries. Good luck

2018 Awards

WomELLE is soliciting the following areas of interest: leadership, business, books and authors.
Awards will focus on the following areas of interest:
  • Best Writer Award 
  • Leadership Award 
  • Speaker of the Year Award 
  • WOW Award 
  • Women of the Year Award
  • Coach of the Year Award 
  • Constant Contributor Award 
  • Making a Difference Award 
  • Member of the Year Award 
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Shining Star Award
  • Leading By Example
  • Book of the Year Award
  • Founder of the Year 
  • Employee of the year 
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Executive of the Year
  • Leader of the Year
  • Writer of the Year 
  • #1 Book Award 
  • Organization of the Year
  • Company of the Year
  • Tech Women of the Year
  • Helping Hand Award 
  • Supporter of the Year Award 
  • Best Book Award 

Ready To Submit?

Submit Your Entries by the Entry Deadline
The early-bird entry deadline is August 15, 2018. The final entry deadline is October 15, 2018. Late entries will be accepted through November 7, 2018 with payment of $40 entry late fee.

To submit an entry is free accept for book awards. If you are not attending the ceremony please be ready to pay for award shipping cost.